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Responsible Business

As part of our three to five-year business strategy, we’ve considered the impact that we make on the environment and on society in general.  We recognise that these impacts can bring both risks to our business, such as increased health and safety considerations, as well as opportunities, including support to local economic growth through creating jobs.

We’re already doing a lot of things in this area, but we know that there is more to do.  This is especially so as our business grows, which creates the need to make it sustainable for the longer term – economically, environmentally and socially.

As well as meeting our legal and regulatory responsibilities, we want to add social value for our key stakeholders which includes our customers, manufacturers, agents, suppliers and contractors, as well as our employees.

Our Group Values

Our three core Values set out the way that we do business, and they are the foundation for how we operate.  They were developed during 2016, in consultation with employees at our central office, and approved by our Group Leadership Team.  They are principles which we expect all of our employees to adhere to when carrying out all day to day business activities on behalf of our organisation; and we take them very seriously.  These core values are:

  1. We work together to deliver quality for our customers this means putting customers first, designing and delivering the highest quality products and services to our ‘Type Approval’ standards.
  2. We act with integrity and respect one another in our everyday operations this means being honest in all business activities, acting fairly and respecting each other as individuals.
  3. We take responsibility for our actions and find solutions together this means taking individual responsibility for our work, as well as working as part of a wider team to meet our business objectives.

Our Responsible Business Commitments – and how we are fulfilling them

Commitment to our people

The people we employ play an integral part within our business, and without them we couldn’t exist.  We, therefore, place a high value on our workforce, and we strive to create and maintain a positive and healthy workplace.

As a fast-growing business, we’re aiming to increase our workforce by approximately 15% over time, and hope to start achieving this now that we have moved to new and much larger premises (in April 2017).

We’re investing in our existing workforce by developing training and career development opportunities, and we’ve introduced improved management systems to help our employees reach their full potential.

For more information on how we are supporting and developing our workforce please go to our Careers Page.

Commitment to our Local Community

As a local family business, it's important to us to be a good neighbour and strong part of the community in which we operate.  We've supported a wide range of local community initiatives in Alresford, Hampshire, where we were previously located, for many years.  Because of our heritage, we will continue to support some projects, such as the Alresford Show, which we have sponsored for over 50 years.

Following the move to our new site, we have already established some new community relationships and committed to support the following activities during 2017-2018.

  • The local Waltham Wolves Under 10's Football Club:   The club has been involved in 'grass roots' football for the past 40 years.
  • A local initiative, providing free grazing land for miniature donkeys:  The project's aim is to develop a charity, which will provide a programme of assisted therapy for children with special educational needs.
Our 31-acre site creates further opportunities to make links with our local community.  We plan to run annual community open days for families, employees and potential employees, customers and contractors.  The first of these will be held in June 2017.

Charity of the Year 2018

In consultation with our employees, we have chosen to work with Headway, a local Portsmouth and South East Hants charity. Headway work to provide support to people with brain injury and other forms of acquired brain injury, their family members, carers, and interested professionals. 

Supporting local businesses

We have historically bought from, and used, local trades and businesses where possible.  In developing our new site, we supported our local purchasing programme wherever we could - approximately 80 per cent of the trades we worked with were from the Hampshire area.

Commitment to the Environment

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously.  It is our policy to frequently review company activities with respect to avoiding pollution, and improving environmental health and conservation of global resources.  Initial consideration is given to the selection of materials, manufacturing processes, exhaust fume emissions, noise pollution, packaging and waste disposal.

Our new factory, including the workshop and office space, has been finished to a very high standard and, where applicable, environmental aspects have been incorporated.  The remaining acres on the site will continue as agricultural land, contributing to the sustainability of the local environment.

Commitment to Health and Safety

Our commitment to Health and Safety is a high priority for our business.  It is the company policy to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and all related legislation; as well as all regulations and legislation relating to the nature of the business undertaken.  Our main health and safety objective is to establish a healthy and safe working environment and, hence, to minimise the number of instances of occupational incidents and illnesses; ultimately, to achieve an incident-free workplace.

Commitment to Quality

We have a certified ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS).  The purpose of this is to ensure that we meet legal, regulatory and other needs of our stakeholders, whilst maintaining a competent workforce who work to documented processes.  Moreover, that we maintain a customer centric focus throughout the organisation so that we not only meet, but exceed, the expectations placed upon us in all manufacture and service activities.